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Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Regalia and Lil' Wheels Debut Voyage

We finished the work on Lil' Wheels just in time for the Fourth!  The wheel project came out perfect!

The wheel project was born out of an article from Good Old Boat Magazine.  This was really the first time I worked with resin and I discovered the value of using molds.  As the picture in a previous post shows, working with the resin to shape the keel's wheelwell required a lot of filler and was still very bumpy.

I had to do a lot of sanding, shaping, repeated reapplications of resin in order to get an "acceptable" outcome.  In hindsight, I think that making a resin mold would have produced a far superior end result. 
 I do have a couple of things to fix on Lil Wheels already. There is a small leak somewhere in the centerboard slot that will need to sealed. We also ripped out one of the oar locks on a bathroom run to shore during the BBQ. The work is never done. The fireworks barge!  LOVE IT!The starboard side oarlock broke off!


  1. Heard Lil Wheels gave you and Laura some trouble!
    Wish I could have been there! I was on a sail boat too!

  2. Heyy girly! Karla told me about your blog since I love sailboats! I absolutely adore you blog and you have a new follower!!



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