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Monday, June 28, 2010

How to follow this Blog (and others)

How to Subscribe

Subscribing to a blog means that new posts are delivered to you instead of you having to check if there there’s anything new. This page explains some of the most common ways to subscribe to this blog or most others.
There are two easy ways to stay tuned: using your web browser or using one of the web sites made for that. It’ll take you some time to get everything set up, but in the long run it saves time and effort.

Using a web browser

Many web browsers can be used to follow feeds. I personally use Safari to follow blogs. Don’t get confused by some technical terms, it’s actually really easy! Here’s links to instructions for different browsers:
There are also programs made exactly for this, but in most cases using a web browser works just fine.

Web sites

There are web sites that can be used to track blogs. You will need to set up an account and add the blogs you want to follow. Typically, following a blog on these these sites makes it rate better there, so it’s a good way to support your favorites blogs.
My recommendation is Technorati. It’s a famous blog search engine. To follow a blog, just add it to favorites.

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