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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, on a personal note, we have been blogging for about 6 months now.  It is the overflow from our hearts to share our experiences.  But, we both, the Captain and I, have a fascination with writing.  Hence, the "Pimp My Novel" and "Writes in the City" on our blogroll.  We all have our projects and our side projects.  I must say that the commitment to a blog does require tenacity.  We have plowed our way through a couple blocks so far.

This post is to announce our SHEER EXCITEMENT and TEMENDOUS JOY to be attending the Cuesta College Writers' Conference this September.  We have signed up for 4 classes each.  There were 32 to choose from. 

The Captain is taking:
1. Creative Non-Fiction: One Theme, Many Voices
2. Marketing, Publishing & New Media
3. Infusing Historical Research into Your Writing
4. Getting Your First Novel Published

The First Mate is taking:
1.  Editing: An Acquisition Editor Polishes Your First Pages
2. Publishing Nonfiction: Strategies to Make it Happen
3. Spiritual Writing for Today's Marketplace
4. Personal Essay: How Deep Do We Dig?

Aren't you on the edge of your seat too?  I can't wait!!!!!

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