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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dock Gnome and other Dock Accoutrements

There has been lots of weather as you can tell from the Captain's posts.  Today was supposed to be calm.  The Captain got an invitation from Neighbor Wilson to go out on his 27' Catalina this morning and troll for salmon.  They went out for two hours, but nothing was biting.

The Captain inspected our sail and did not find a new nest.  I was a little sad to hear about that.  On the up side, I won't have to be cleaning baby birdie poop off of the sail.  At any rate, dock life is thriving.

I love the stuff that our dockmates put out for decoration!  I feel extra lucky to have a communal gnome!  I would have never thought to procure one of my own, but I am very happy to share in the collective luckiness!

Check out all the other gnome statues that I found!

Dock/Garden Gnome:

Function: noun
Etymology: French, from New Latin gnomus
Date: 1661
1 : an ageless and often deformed dwarf of folklore who lives in the earth and usually guards treasure
2 : an elemental being in the theory of Paracelsus that inhabits earth
— gnome•like \-ˌlīk\ adjective
— gnom•ish \ˈnō-mish\ adjective

I was thinking about getting a fake owl to stand guard over our boat when we are gone.  I think the plastic owl is supposed to discourage gulls and other birds from making homes on the boat.
I love the shiny triangle "used car lot" streamers!  I want some for our boat, but I don't know where to get them.  Seriously, if anyone knows where to get these, please let me know!!!

I am a sucker for shiny things....


  1. Funny you mention the streamers - called pennants. I just bought some! Can't wait to hang them on the boat when we finally launch. I happened upon them when we were buying fiberglass supplies at Tap Plastics. Here is the link: http://www.tapplastics.com/shop/product.php?pid=332&
    How fun! Take a pic when you get them up!

  2. You have a dock gnome???!! Freakin' hilarious. :P

  3. Captain V ~ I will definitely look into the boat budget for our own pennants! Thanks! And, I do mean to get the book recommended too, on food and boating life. Great suggestions! Keep 'em coming.

    elle ~ No owls for us, don't worry. Kinda spooky.

    Tim ~ I might get my own gnome. Kinda like the gnome!


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