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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good News and More Good News

First, the good news is that someone at the Yacht club has a spare boom that he will donate to us to replace Trainings Wheels' broken boom. This is a big blessing because I was dreading the cost of either buying a new one or having a used one shipped from somewhere. I don't even know how to go about shipping a 12 foot piece of aluminum.  A minor repair job and frabricating a mount and Training wheels should be ready to go!

Now for the really good news: I will have to wait until October to start the repairs. "How is that good news?" you may be asking yourself.  In the ongoing journey of becoming a better sailor, I have accepted an invitation to crew aboard a 61' ketch from Oahu to Morro Bay (about 2500 miles). This will be a huge learning experience and not just about sailing. Gaining more experience in navigating and sailing in heavy weather will be hard not to do on a passage such as this. The journey should take about 20 days at sea with one point being about the farthest from land as you can get (1200 miles).  You can follow our progress on the sailblog for s/v Go For Broke.

We've added the blog to our blogroll.

I will be leaving for Hawaii on Sept 3 and will be setting sail for a shakedown cruise to Kauai on Sept 5. We will post daily progress and small written updates during the voyage for those following from home.
~The Captain

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