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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Zongo Cup!

The 2nd Annual Zongo Yachting Cup was a hit!  The race was sponsored by the calypso band Zongo All-Stars.  The Yacht clubs of San Luis and Morro Bay hosted the start and finish festivities.  Most boats sailed the course in 4-6 hours.  Winners got trophies; all others received fun mugs.  The courtesy skiff service was great!  We spent the night on the boat and motor-sailed back today.  Our top speed was 5.2 knots.

Training Wheels made it to Avila Beach and back intact, but not without some hitches!  A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just post some of the most amazing shots.  We will go over the mishaps in the next few posts, but basically, here is a synopsis:  the boom broke in half tearing our mainsail; we lost an anchor and nearly floated to Pismo Beach; the percolater wouldn't make us coffee on the barbie.

Friday night Farmer's Market, Avila Beach, and the Zongo All-Stars!
The boats have all come into port.
Training Wheels taking down the mainsail and broken boom.

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  1. Wow - sounds like an eventful trip! Sucks about your boom... :)


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