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Monday, August 16, 2010

An Unexpected Development . . . the Zongo Cup LESS THAN 1 WEEK AWAY!

Our pre-race inspections took an unexpected turn yesterday!

We've heard that this is the case: just when you think you are ready to shove off . . . something else comes up!  Yesterday, Truman went to check the head tubing (clearly corroded!) and it sprung a leak!  Not that we were planning on using it anyhow!

The question remains . . . how will we pee?  Now, there is a little ledge on which to mount a portable toilet for the Zongo Cup.  Which should we buy?  Or should we just save up the money for a new head?  Compost toilet?

In the meantime, I have ordered my Go-Girl for the weekend.  Might be voiding into a jar! 


  1. My vote? Go ahead and fix the toilet if you can. You are going to eventually do it anyway, and it's better to do that than to spend money on a portable toilet...

    Go-Girl? Too funny... :)

  2. Hey guys! Looking forward to seeing you outr for the big day on Friday - hope you get your head screwed on right, so to say! Skippers meeting is 8:30 AM at MBYC. If you have questions, call me at 441-3344. Thanks! Paul Irving

  3. we also have a C25 that needs al lot of TLC; in MD; I'm looking into "marine sanitation devices" to modify the current toilet; any progress for you all?

  4. Mike~
    Progress report: Our C25 sanitation device is a Coleman camping porta-pottie! $100. Not glamorous, but we are limited on sailing now that our boom is broken. Probably won't need to use the pottie for some months infact.


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