"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." -Andre Gide

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Angela Lansbury, Eat Your Heart Out!

After 5 straight days of howling wind, thunder, lightening, torrential downpours, and power outages, I decided to bike down to the docks on this fine Saturday morning to inspect the damage. There were pictures of moored boats at Port San Luis, Avila Beach, being blown onto the rocks. I hope our little harbor is safer!

The Captain is out of town, so I am enjoying doing exactly what I want to do! Ha! I made myself a celery, apple, grapefruit juice, got on my pink beach-cruiser and headed out into the glorious sunlight!

Leaving the house, the Morro Rock and sea spray are shiny in the sun!

Everything looks calm. There are no boats washed up on the sandspit. That is a good sign!

It is just a little flooding. No sweat, right?

What a relief! All is well in the dock!

On my way back home, I stopped at Top Dog Coffee Shop and read a little of Middlemarch. George Eliot can capture the provincial life with spectacular clarity!

"But she hesitated to beg that he would keep entire silence on a subject which she had herself unnecessarily mentioned, not being used to stoop in that way; and while she was hesitating there was already a rush of unintended consequences under the apple-tree where the tea-things stood."

page 706

"She was unpleasantly conscious that she had been on the verge of speaking as 'one of the foolish women speaketh'--telling first and entreating silence after." page 707

Ahhhh, the provincial life!!!! Morro Road, Lazy Saturday morning.
The first day of sun in 5 days!
Have a great day, friend!

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