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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clips from Truman's Email Today

Jury is still out if we are going to have to turn back. We solved the electical problems for now who knows what is next. Been pretty busy on board but have some time to read at night it is a little tough with the movement. Just listening to the ipod has been the most enjoyable time so far. The soduko has been a mess for some reason, it may be the constant distractions or sleep deprevation but I can't seem to finish a puzzle without messing it up.

I have tried to take some pictures of the full moon lite nights we have been having but none seem to be coming out. It is pretty scenery out here.

We had some electical problems yesterday and last night but we stoped this morning and Lynn got most everything back up. Going the rest of the curise with no email or frig would have sucked. I think I have a way to call you over the Shortband Radio. There is a relay station in SF that can patch me through to a phone as a collect call. We will just have to keep it short and set a time in the next couple of days.

Talk to you soon, T

Day 6, Trans-Pacific passage aboard Go For Broke. 
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  1. Lauren, enjoyed your blog and pictures and look forward to more.


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