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Sunday, September 19, 2010

26th Annual Writer's Conference at Cuesta College

I attended the 26th Annual Writer's Conference at Cuesta College this weekend!  As you know, Truman and I were signed up for the conference together, but he is currently preoccupied!  I was so excited about this conference!  This was my first ever Writer's Conference.  It was very conveniently located in the Central Coast, only 15 miles from my home.  Now, I am committed to return every year!  It was an amazing experience.  There were 300 attendees and 25 faculty members.  Judy, the Conference coordinator, was absolutely amazing and she is also a member of the yacht club!

Conference Organizer Extraordinairre Judy Salamacha (in red)!

Registration desks are buzzing!

The main auditorium is filling up for the Keynote speaker.

The Faculty!  Wonderful writers, agents, editors, publishers! What a treat!
The three most memorable faculty members for me were Melissa Pritchard, Paula Huston, and Jon James Miller.  I was most fascinated with Paula Huston, a spiritual writer, also an oblate with a contemplative monastic community in Big Sur. 

Reading Eat, Pray, Love about Gilbert's time at an ashram and hearing from Paula Huston tell how she goes on two-day retreats every 6 weeks at the hermitage made me want to feel a little of that peacefulness.  I may have to go on retreat!  Having the house to myself is a kind of like a retreat.  More likely than not, I have a hidden little nun inside of me just waiting to get out!

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