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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lil' Wheels is NOT a Sabot; She's an EL TORO!

Last time we went to the Yacht Club, a wise old sailor told us that we owned an El Toro, not a Sabot.  We gave her a description of our dinghy and she said that for sure it was not a Sabot.  When we came home we looked up google images of Sabots and Toros and she is right.  Lil' Wheels is an El Toro. 

Today, we got out Lil' Wheels and put her together!  She is going to be a fun little daysailor.  We have a little work to do on the mast and boom.  I put a patch on the sail courtesy of Slo Sails.  My friend and I hope to have her on that water by the time that Captain comes back.  We will have lots more sanding to do.  I have to buy some cleats at the hardware store.  Then we will apply 4-5 coats of marine gloss, sanding in between coats.

Stay tuned.

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