"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." -Andre Gide

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Knowing When to Turn Back

I am so proud of my husband, my Captain.  He is single handing a 61' sailboat at night in the middle of the Pacific ocean!  Two hours on, two hours off, all night long . . . until sunrise.  The sheer exhaustion of it!  Think about it!

I think, probably more than anything, I am impressed that three grown men can make the tough decision to turn back.  The point at which a person makes the choice to give up a goal, change course, cut their losses, throw in the towel, that is the point where they face their pride, their own ambition and glory-lust, the possibility of failure, and the cost of each.  I am proud of all three of them!

The bad news is that we have been in a storm that is going the same direction we are for that last 2 days causing heavy seas. The good news we have been cruising along at almost 7 knots and did about 170 miles yesterday.  Right now we are still 360 miles to Oahu and that should take 4-5 days. But we are getting closer. Can't wait for to get home and get dry. With the storms everything is damp, even the clothes I haven't worn yet. Except the ones in the zip lock you sent with me. Tough to type still, got to go. Luv, T

Day 11, aboard Go For Broke.  Delivered by satellite phone via OCENS.mail software.

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  1. I'm blown away from catching up on this blog! Incredible to both of you and all of you aboard Go For Broke... best wishes for a safe return all!


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